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Windows 98 XP


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Product summary (german)

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User manual (german)

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The HorizON & PanoramaMaster concept

1. With PanoramaMaster and your own camera, you can take exactly aligned photos to create panoramic views. A special photographic objective is no longer needed.

2. With PanoramaStitcher, an integrated software, join the overlapping photos together into a perfect 360° panorama view.

3.Simulate the sun path diagram for each and any geographic location, calculate automatically the exact horizon, create panoramic pictures: do everything by mouse click due to multi -functionality.


The HorizOn principle

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The image processing and calculation software HorizON joins digital photos together into a 360° panoramic view – exact and without gaps. Apart from the azimuth scale and the angle of elevation, the exact sun path including hourly values is shown on the screen. The free horizon is calculated automatically. All pictures and data can easily be exported for further use in different formats. The software includes plenty of tools for set up and revision.

System requirements: Microsoft Windows 98, 2000, XP

New functionality in HorizON 2.0

  • even more user friendly and intuitive
  • easy export function for all pictures, sun paths etc.
  • improved display of the panoramic view
  • easy printing of panorama pictures, sun paths and horizons.
  • sun paths for any location worldwide
  • new horizon export formats: METEONORM, POLYSUN, PV-SYST, T-SOL, PV-SOL, SUNORB/SOLARPATH

Benefits for architects, engineers, and solar experts

  • situate and rotate your building in a way that daylight in any room is optimized by using the sun path shown for any location world wide
  • get the overview over light and shading in and around your building quickly and easily
  • convince the building owner with panoramic views behind your architectural model or 3D-rendering
  • Find useful sales arguments by displaying the surrounding scenery appealingly
  • Achieve a high level of customer confidence with the professional software PanoramaMaster & HorizON.

Special benefits for solar experts

  • compute the horizon automatically and accurately and calculate an exact and certain solar yield
  • save valuable time: send someone to take the pictures and do your job analyzing and planning from your desk
  • document the situation and avoid later lawsuits due to a changed horizon